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If you're an adult with a long history of diabetes, chances are you suffer from diabetic peripheral neuropathy. There is no known cure, but now there is relief. Infrared Relief, offered at Casper Sport Chiropractic & Spine in Arlington, has been cleared by the FDA for improving local circulation and relieving pain and inflammation.

Diabetic neuropathy is brought on by blood sugar that is not always at optimum levels. Over many years dealing with the condition, diabetes sufferers are likely to develop this painful condition because it is very difficult to keep blood sugar at healthy levels all the time. The sufferer feels anything from a light tingle to severe pain and if the condition exists in their feet and legs, can make walking very difficult.

Infrared Relief fights this condition by stimulating microcirculation. Tens of thousands of people have experienced significant relief from the pain, tingling, numbness, inflammation and swelling that is related to diabetic peripheral neuropathy. With continued treatments most people report a significant improvement in their discomfort level.

A side benefit, seen by many diabetic neuropathy sufferers, is an improved sense of touch or feeling. That disturbing lack of feeling or numbness in your extremities goes away, leaving you with a better sense of balance which can result in a lower incidence of falls.

Not everyone will report the same level of improvement, which could be due to underlying cause(s) which may not respond as well to infrared therapy. Your outcome may be better or worse or the same as others.

If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy or you suffer from diabetes and experience any of the symptoms in your feet or hands mentioned above including tingling, numbness, inflammation or pain, call Casper Sport Chiropractic & Spine today and ask about our free evaluation and trial treatment.

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